Cinga Samson

Cinga Samson is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa, known for his paintings that merge classical and contemporary elements. His works explore themes of desire, power, mortality, and transience while incorporating symbolic, spiritual, and social references. Using a subdued color palette, Samson portrays figures with pupil-less eyes and formal poses, often incorporating native flora as symbols of memento mori and personal memories. His paintings create a distinct atmosphere and feeling, evoking a sense of secrecy and distance. Beauty is central to his work, with settings bathed in a shadowless, crepuscular light. The eerie landscapes and finely rendered elements contrast with the textured and exposed areas of the canvas, showcasing Samson's exploration of different painterly techniques. Through his art, he reflects the complexity of South African society and his own identity. Born in 1986, Samson is self-taught and has exhibited internationally in solo and group shows.